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Last update: 2019-07-14


Demoscene @ Bridges Linz 2019
Tue. 2019-07-16 - Sat. 2017-07-20

Demoscene - Digital Culture in Real-Time - screening curated by Stefan Pautze (Felidae/Reflex) from Digitale Kultur e.V.
Fri. 2019-07-19, 3:30 PM, Ars Electronica Center, Level -1, Lecture Room

The demoscene represents one of the most colourful facets of digital culture. Musicians, graphic artists and coders (programmers) form groups and work on a demo, a computer program intended to show their personal skills and abilities. Thanks to competition between various groups, demos have been subject to a high degree of evolutionary pressure so-to-speak in terms of technology and style. This includes in particular the underlying algorithms and mathematics. The incentive behind these efforts is to amaze others, to overcome apparently impossible technical challenges and to exhaust the limits of the hardware. While films as a rule can only play back their images or frames, demos generate these images for the exact moment – in real-time.

CDAK / Quite & Orange
CDAK / Quite & Orange

The programme is featuring:
   - CDAK / Quite & Orange
   - Intrinsic Gravity / Still
   - Absolute Territory / Prismbeings
   - Mito Chondrio / Andromeda Software Development
   - Heaven 777 / Razor 1911
   - Elevated / TBC & RGBA
   - Doomsday / Complex
   - Hartverdrahtet / Akronyme Analogiker
   - Numb Res / CNCD (Carillon & Cyberiad) & Fairlight
   - FR-062: The Cube / Farbrausch
   - On / Mercury

   Ars Electronica Center
   Ars-Electronica-Straße 1

Stefan Pautze @ Bridges Linz 2019 Art Exhibition
Tue. 2019-07-16 - Sat. 2017-07-20
Johannes Kepler University Linz, Uni Center, Loft B+C+D, 2nd floor

Opening / vernissage: Tue. 2019-07-16, 12 Noon

   Johannes Kepler University Linz
   Uni Center, Loft B+C+D, 2nd floor
   Altenbergerstraße 69
   4040 Linz

Cyclotomic Aperiodic Substitution Tilings @ MDPI Symmetry
Scientific paper

Aperiodic tilings please and dazzle the eye of the beholder. The viewer will divine the underlying order but might not be able to get a final grip on it. The tilings psychedelic appearance draw designers’ and artists’ attention. As it turned out the mathematics behind are the real attraction.