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Last update: 2017-10-24


Demoscene @ CYNETART 2017
Thu. 2017-11-16 - Sun. 2017-11-19

Demoscene 2011.2017 - screening curated by Stefan Pautze (Felidae/Reflex) from Digitale Kultur e.V., ca. 60 min
The quirks of the Demoscene and the tool Tooll.io - presentation by Thomas Mann (Pixtur/Still), ca. 30 min
Sat. 2017-11-18, 01:00 PM, Hellerau Festival Theatre

The demoscene represents one of the most colourful facets of digital culture. Musicians, graphic artists and coders (programmers) form groups and work on a demo, a computer program intended to show their personal skills and abilities. Thanks to competition between various groups, demos have been subject to a high degree of evolutionary pressure so-to-speak in terms of technology and style. The incentive behind these efforts is to amaze others, to overcome apparently impossible technical challenges and to exhaust the limits of the hardware. While films as a rule can only play back their images or frames, demos generate these images for the exact moment – in real-time.
Now and then the viewer may rub his eyes due to the visual expressions. "Video Art" was not even mentioned yet?

The programme is featuring:
Andromeda Software Development, Akronyme Analogiker, CNCD (Carillon & Cyberiad), Cocoon, Fairlight, Jugz, Mercury, Orange, Prismbeings, Quite, Razor 1911, Still, T-Rex

   Hellerau Festival Theatre
   Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 56
   01109 Dresden

Drei Dimensionen der Ebene (Three Dimensions of the Plane)
Dorina Csiszár | Radmila Ćurčić | Stefan Pautze
Promoted exhibition 2017 of the VBK
Curated by Serio Digitalino
Fri. 2017-11-03 - Sun. 2017-11-19
Kunstpavillon, Munich

Opening: Thu. 2017-11-02 7 PM
Opening speech will be hold by Richard Gruber.

Address: Kunstpavillon
Old Botanical Garden close to the Stachus
Sophienstr. 7a
80333 Munich
Open Tue.-Sat. 1 PM - 7 PM and Sun. 11 AM - 5 PM

Cyclotomic Aperiodic Substitution Tilings @ MDPI Symmetry
Scientific paper

Aperiodic tilings please and dazzle the eye of the beholder. The viewer will divine the underlying order but might not be able to get a final grip on it. The tilings psychedelic appearance draw designers’ and artists’ attention. As it turned out the mathematics behind are the real attraction.